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How to Pull Off the Yellow Eyeshadow Trend

Yellow eyeshadow is the new trend! It's easier to use now than it was before, thanks to the increasing number of palettes on the market.

Yellow eyeshadow, unlike other colors, is difficult to pull off. It was overlooked because it appeared to be excessively bright and difficult to work with. But it doesn't mean you can't play around with it! This is for you if you're looking for subtle ways to master yellow eye makeup and add drama to your look.

Trick: Always Keep Your Base Simple

Keep the rest of your look dewy and almost bare. Leave your base light since the yellow eyeshadow adds a lot of lift. Moreover, you can keep your blush natural, and skip the bronzer totally.

Trick: Find The Right Shade For You

To pull off the yellow look, you'll need to choose the right shade to go with your skin tone. Experimenting is great, but don't ruin the look by using a color that is too bright or too pale.

Trick: Focus The Shade On Your Inner Corners

Instead of covering your entire lids in yellow, concentrate the color on the inner corners of your eyes like that of a highlight.

Trick: Add As Many Colors & Textures As You Can

Make sure to layer shade textures to achieve a gradient look. To really make the yellow pop and make the look last, apply a matte cream color to the lid, then dust it with powder.

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