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  • Marie Le Hair & Makeup Artist

Marie Le Hair & Makeup Artist

Why wait for a major special occasion to get your makeup and hair done?

The glam-up services are for everyone and at any time. Why don't get glam-up for a Girls night out or a Date night on a Saturday?

Ladies in the Brisbane area of Australia now have the opportunity to enjoy having their hair and makeup done by a professional hair and makeup artist. You don't have to have an occasion, you can just do it because you want to. You'll find that you have more beauty than you ever imagined possible when choosing a professional to take care of your hair and makeup needs.

Occasional or Casual Makeover

There are absolutely many occasions and events where you will want to make certain that you are looking your most beautiful. Occasions such as weddings, engagement parties, special dinners and so much more can be a great reason to have your hair and makeup done. You can choose from full glam, soft glam and minimal. You can also choose just your hair to be done or just your makeup, but you can also choose the combo that includes both. Your hair and makeup are going to be done so that they compliment your style and your features.


Your wedding day is your special day and you want to look your very best. Every bride wants to be a beautiful bride and Marie Le can make it possible for you. She will exceed your expectations of what you thought having your hair and makeup done professionally would be. The bride is the center of attention on her wedding day. All eyes should be on you. Looking beautiful will fill you with confidence and happiness.

Fashion & Models

If you work in fashion or do commercials, this is going to be a must for you as well. You know you need to look stunning when you are on the camera, on the runway or in a crowd. Your next job or project may depend on how awesome you look. Making you look awesome is what Marie Le is all about. This can be just the key you need to help boost your profession, get you noticed and keep the jobs coming in.

You'll also learn how to be better at doing your own makeup and hair. Using your makeup in the best ways can help you to be an overachiever when it comes to looking gorgeous. You can choose from 2 packages that can teach you how to improve your beauty with makeup lessons. You're not only going to love the lessons and all of the tips, but you'll also love the look you have after your lessons.

Take advantage of all that Marie Le can do for your hair, makeup and your confidence.

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