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What's Trending In Makeup? 5 Things You Need To Know

Your face is a beautiful canvas, the most important part of creating your individual style. Highlight your striking eyes, glowing skin, and amazing lips using makeup that enhances your already fabulous features. This year, you can get glowing with the biggest and brightest trends of the year.

Glossy Lips Are All The Rage: Juicy, shiny baby shine lips are the way to go. It makes no difference if you prefer a more natural color or a brighter color, top it off with lip gloss, and you're good to go!

Eye-Popping Eyes: Power up your eyes with shadow and eyeliner. Bright blue, grass green and pumpkin orange sprinkled with glitter have all ruled the fashion runways. You can easily incorporate this trend in a more subtle way with a less is more approach. Use a colored eyeliner pencil or a softer layer of shadow to color your everyday world. Add a touch of glitter to the outside corner of your lids for an unexpected sparkle.

Loud and Browed: It’s all about big, bold brows for 2022. This trend has been growing for some time now with celebs and models alike letting their eyebrows grow to the max. Brow lamination is high on the to-do list for the trendiest fashionista. Even those gals who have lighter brows should experiment and use a product to create a full and fluffy flair.

Au Natural Faux Contouring: Using makeup products to highlight and contour special parts of your face like your nose and your cheeks is very popular. Cross-over, double-duty makeup products that bronze your cheeks and shadow your eyes are the way to go. Today’s latest trend is combining self-tanning and contouring products together or, what they are calling, tan-touring. This creates a more natural, effortless look than yesterday’s harsher chiseled effect.

Long, Lush Eye-Batting Lashes: Right now, there is an emphasis on long, full, lush, look at me!, look at me! lashes. Kim Kardashian's and other A-Lister influences of longer, uplifted lashes got the ball rolling. Mascaras and falsies that have included fibers to create extensions help both well-lashed gals and sparser lash ladies with products to get the lush lash job done. Other lash trends are colored mascara (to coordinate with your eye shadow), ombre-(half the lash is one color, half the last another), and white lashes.

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