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How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

The perfect blush and application are the key to getting an instant glow and brighter skin! Applying blush is more difficult than it appears, as it's easy to overdo it even with basic instructions like smiling and dusting it onto the apples of your cheeks. The best blush is determined by your face shape, skin tone, and skin type. We'll show you how to get that warm, lit-from-within glow in this step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1: Choose which type of formula suits your skin.

Blushes come in a variety of formulas, including powder, gels, liquid, cream, and more. Each one is best for a different type of skin. If you have oily skin, powder blushes instead of cream blushes will keep your skin from becoming even oilier. Dry skin types, on the other hand, can benefit from cream and liquid solutions that add hydration to the skin.

Step 2: Find the right shade for your skin tone.

After determining which sort of formula is appropriate for you, you must choose the right hue for your skin tone. A cool pale pink is a great choice if you have a fair complexion. A neutral pink or peach blush is a good choice for medium complexion tones. Peach and pink tones look stunning on olive skin. . Warm reds, corals, and even hot pink colors will look fantastic on medium to dark complexion tones.

Step 3: Use the right tools.

Now that you've found the perfect blush, you'll need the right tools to make the application as flawless and beautiful as possible. The ideal way to apply powder blush is with a fluffy, angled brush. If you're using a cream or liquid blush, blend it in with your fingers or a beauty sponge.

Step 4: Apply blush in a way that highlights your best features.

Get out from the classic way of applying blush and place it depending on your face shape. This will absolutely make a great difference.

Heart-shaped Face:

In a "C" shape, apply blush from the top of your cheekbones to just above the end of your brows. This will soften your looks slightly.

Oval Face:

To achieve a lifting effect, apply blush to the tops of your cheeks.

Square Face:

Applying blush on the apple of your cheeks will make your face appear fuller and more naturally flushed. This is ideal for your face shape since it gives your cheeks additional volume.

Round Face:

Apply blush slightly below the apples of the cheeks, along your cheekbones, and blend upward toward the hairline to give a round face shape more definition.

Step 5: Blend! Blend!

When applying powder blush with a brush, it's typical to go back and forth with the brush, but you should always go back in and blend using circular motions so the color looks more natural and less like streaks of color.

Step 6: Add another layer if you want to.

If you want a little bit more pop, you can go ahead and add another layer. You can do this until you have achieved your desired look.

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