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MUST READ: Why You Should Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Let's be honest: we've all used makeup to feel more confident and beautiful, but have you ever thought that not removing your makeup before bed might be harmful to your health? We've collected a list of reasons why you should remove your makeup before going to bed.

The buildup of impurities under your makeup can cause skin problems.

If you wear makeup to bed, you’re also likely to find yourself waking up with a full face of foundation and mascara. This is because the buildup of impurities from your skin can cause acne—and it doesn’t matter if you wear waterproof or non-waterproof products. It also leads to premature aging, as well as irritation, allergies, and infections. The chemicals present in some makeup products may cause discoloration of the skin too!

When the pores on your face are clogged, it causes skin concerns like breakouts.

How does makeup clog pores? It’s because when you don’t remove it at night, your pores are forced to absorb all the oils and dirt from the day into their tiny holes. This buildup can cause your pores to become damaged or infected. Down the road, this can lead to acne on your face—and not just around those areas where you originally applied your makeup! Your whole face will be covered in unsightly blemishes.

Also, clogged pores can also lead to oily skin—because when they’re filled with gunk and makeup residue all day long, they have no choice but to produce extra oil in order to try and protect themselves from drying out completely!

Your skin needs to breathe.

While you may think you're getting a good night's sleep, your skin is actually working hard to renew itself. When you wear makeup overnight, it can clog your pores and keep them from flushing out toxins. This can lead to breakouts or other skin problems. It's important that you cleanse your face at least once each day so that you can help remove dirt and bacteria that accumulate during the day. If you want healthy, clear skin every day—and especially when your alarm clock goes off in the morning—make sure to take off all of your makeup before hitting the sheets!

Wearing makeup to bed can age you.

Washing your face before bed is a great way to remove your makeup and give yourself a much-needed break from the day. Unfortunately, simply washing your face isn’t enough to keep you looking young and fresh.

The biggest reason why you should be taking off your makeup before bed is because it can accelerate aging! Makeup contains all kinds of harsh ingredients that can clog pores, dry out skin, cause irritation and even create spots or rashes on the face over time. Plus there’s always some residue left behind by even the best makeup remover wipes (unless they say they dissolve 100% of residual foundation).

Another reason why not wearing makeup to bed is important? It keeps you feeling fresh in the morning and not like you haven't slept in forever!

Your pillowcase will get makeup stains on it.

This is a really important one to keep in mind because it can be easy to forget. If you sleep with makeup on your face, your pillowcase will inevitably get stained with it. Your best bet is to wear a cotton pillowcase—because they're washable and won't trap all that bacteria in the fabric, which could lead to acne or other skin problems down the line.

To clean up stains more quickly, try using an enzyme-based stain remover laundry booster. Pick those that are best for removing oil-based stains like foundation and mascara (though not necessarily for powdery eye shadow). Then soak your pillowcase in hot water mixed with vinegar for 10 minutes before washing as usual in cold water and air drying it outside of direct sunlight!

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