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The Best Way To Apply A Primer

Makeup primer has been on the market since it was first heard. For some, however, it remains a mysterious and confusing base product. So, what is primer exactly, and what does it do? Simply put, primer is a step in your skincare routine that creates a smooth surface on your face, preventing makeup from caking around wrinkles or blemishes. Are you ready to discover how to apply face primer? Here's how to use a primer to its full potential in your daily makeup routine.

5 Types of Primer

1. Pore-minimizing/mattifying Primer

A pore-minimizing primer fills in the open pores on your face, preparing your entire face for the easy application of other products. A mattifying primer, on the other hand, creates a smooth foundation base, controls oil, and helps makeup last longer.

2. Illuminating Primer

Illuminating primer is designed to give your skin a smooth canvas for seamless makeup application while also leaving it glowing and luminous.

3. Color-correcting Primer

Color-correcting primers are colored to neutralize colors on the color wheel that are opposite to one another, reducing discoloration. To counteract redness, use a green primer, and to reduce dark circles, use a yellow primer.

4. Blur Primer

Blur primer balances out skin tone and texture, leaving skin feeling silky smooth. This is also used to keep your makeup from cracking, fading, or sliding off your face.

5. Hydrating Primer

Hydrating primer is formulated with hydrating elements to nourish dry skin and prevent it from flaking off.

How to apply primer: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Apply after moisturizer.

The best way to apply a face primer is using your fingertips. After applying your moisturizer, use a peanut-sized amount and blend it all over your face.

Step 2: Buff with or over foundation.

You can buff in your foundation on top if you're using it under the foundation. You can also combine the two for a dewy, sheer glow.

Step 3: Feel glowy and fresh-faced!

Apply alone to even out skin and blur blemishes while still looking fresh-faced and gorgeous for an effortlessly natural look!

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