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Frequently Ask Questions

1. Why do I need a Hair and Makeup Artist?

As a Hair and Makeup Artist, I know how to enhance and bring your beauty to be more defined to be the best version of yourself. Apart from that, with the products and skills when applying the Makeup and Hair on you, I ensure that you look flawless in person and in camera. And lastly is stress-free for you, just sit back and relax, leave the Glamming job for me.

2. Do you cater to Sensitive Skin types, and what if I have allergies to some cosmetics?

Yes definitely! It is very common that you have sensitive skin or allergies to some ingredients in cosmetics (as some of my clients have allergies with avocado, latex, silicone-based products). In that case, it is recommended that you inform me in advance (before the session) and especially before the service start.

3. What Brands are included in your makeup kit?

Our Makeup Kit includes high-end and industrial products, especially brands that our team personally tried and test with to have the best understanding of the quality of the products.
Even though the products and brands are add-ins frequently, the majority of the brands are professional such as
Charlotte Tilbury; Dior; Nars; Bobbi Brown; Makeup Forever; Estee Lauder; etc.

4. How far should I book you in advance?

The spots are usually booked up quickly (especially on the weekends or special occasions), so it is highly recommended to book your service as soon as possible once you have your plans confirmed.
For Brides, as Wedding Planning is really stressful, please be mindful of organising your booking (for both Trials and on the Wedding Day) a few months in advance.

5. How can I book you for my Wedding? And what is the process?

  • You can contact me or fill in the Wedding Inquiries Form in the Wedding section in order for me to give you the accurate quotes.

  • Once I have your Wedding Day available, a $200 Initial Deposit is required to secure your Wedding Date (it will be deducted from the booking cost). You then will receive an Invoice and Wedding Contract (needed to be read and signed by you). A Trial Session will be arranged for you accordingly.

  • The remaining balance is required to be settled 5 weeks before the wedding day (this to make you stress-free and relax on the day).

6. What do I need to do for preparation before the session?

  • Information: Check your Confirmation message with all the details provided, be on time and inform me if you have any allergies or cncerns

  • Skin: Please exfoliate your skin (a day before the session if possible) and arrive with clean and fresh skin without any makeup or products on. If you have any specific products that you wish to use, please feel free to bring them along.

  • Lenses and Eyedrops: If you need to wear contact lens, please wear them at least 1 hour before the session and eyedrops them before the service starts.

  • Hair: Please pre-wash your hair a day before the session and blow-dry it. If you have Frizzy and very Curly Hair, please have them Straighten.

  • Clothing: If you need to change your dress after getting your Hair and Makeup done, please wear any loose-neck or button tops so you can get change easily without disturbing the Hair and Makeup

7. What is the process of booking your service?

You can book any service via my website (in the Price link), it will link you to the calendar and you can select the date and time you would like to book.
If your desired time slots are booked, please feel free to email me at to double check if I can fit you in any other options.

8. How long will the Hair and Makeup last?

As a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist, I am able to make your makeup and hair last all day (survive the tears, the sweat, the weather, etc) up to 18hours or more without needing of touch-ups (except for lipstick as once you eat or drink it may fade a little). At the end of your session, I always give instructions on how to maintain and information you need to know to keep the makeup looking flawless as it is freshly done.

9. What do I need to know before coming to the Trials for my wedding?

You know your Wedding and your style better than anyone else, hence, once you have decided a theme or concept for your wedding, have a browse on either my Website / Instagram or Pinterest to have some inspiration on the style you would like to have for your Bridal Look. For preparation information, please refer to question 6.

Here is the information I would love to know before you get your Trial for me to give you the best consultation:

  • Wedding Theme or Concept: styles, colours, indoor or outdoor

  • The Style of the Makeup and Hair you like: photos of the inspirations; natural or soft glam or full glam makeup and hairstyles

  • Your Wedding Dress and bouquet: photos or description of the dress and the bouquet

  • Your main concerns on your Makeup and Hair

  • And any questions that you have for me

10. For my wedding, can I book you for Extra services such as Touch-ups and Change stye for the receptions or ceremony?

Yes absolutely! I do offer Full Day or Half Day Package (as some cultural weddings have many different ceremonies and receptions) that provides you Touch Ups and Change style in either Hair or Makeup or both. Please get in touch with me for the exact plan and quotes.

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