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10 Gorgeous Glam Eye Makeup Ideas

You've probably heard the saying "eyes are a window to the soul." If that's true, then shouldn't we be putting a little more thought into how we dress them up? Sure, a little mascara and some lip gloss are part of our everyday routine. But it's also important to have some fun with your eye makeup every once in a while! A simple smokey eye can really make your eyes pop. With some glitter liner and fake lashes, you can go full disco diva. Or maybe you want people to notice your brows—go bold with some highlighter or eyeshadow powder! Here are 10 looks that will help make sure your eyes are being seen!

A Cateye With Color

  • Apply black eyeliner to the outer corner of your eye. The line should be thicker on your bottom lash line than on your top lash line, but not too thick that it looks scary or unnatural. You can also apply an eyeliner pencil in a color of your choosing—like purple or blue—to brighten up the rest of the eye area and give it some dimensionality.

  • Apply two coats of mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Make sure you're applying from root to tip for maximum volume and length! But don't forget about the corners: They need love too!

  • Line both eyes with either black liner or colored liner so that they match each other perfectly (this will make things much easier later). If using colored liners, apply them first before doing anything else so they have time to dry completely before being blended over with any other colors/products; otherwise, they may smudge onto other parts of your face when trying to blend them into place later on down this list as well as throughout this process itself.

Purple Smoke

  • Use purple shadow on the lid and purple liner on the upper and lower lash line.

  • Use purple mascara to darken lashes, but don't apply it too heavily.

  • You can also use a purple eye pencil or gel liner instead of or in addition to using eyeshadow as your base shade for this look (some people with hooded lids find that it makes their shadow more prominent). This will also help give you some definition around your eyes—plus it's a great way to brighten up duller-colored eyes!

Smoky Bright

  • To create a smoky effect, you'll need to start with an eyeshadow that is matte black. Apply this color to the entire eyelid and into the crease of your eye.

  • Next, apply a shimmery white shade (or any other color you want) to the inner corner of your eye to create some brightness and contrast.

  • Lastly, apply a shimmery gold shade (or any other color you want) on the outer corner of your eye for more glamour!

Glitter Lashes

  • Apply a thin line of glue to the band of the lashes. This can be done with either a brush or an eye-shadow applicator, depending on what you prefer. If you use a brush, dip it in the bottle of glue and paint it out onto your hand (or whatever surface). Then, use the tip of your finger to apply it directly onto the lash band. If you prefer an eye shadow applicator or similar product, use that instead — just remember not to get any product on your actual eyelid!

  • With tweezers in hand, place some glitter into its container from before so that it's ready for application. Using tweezers (or fingers) pick up some glitter by holding onto one side of it with one set and then using another set for grasping so as not to get too much at once (you'll be able to see how much comes off at once). Once you've got enough on there without getting too much on top try applying this directly onto those same spots where we put our glue earlier!

Pink & Gold Cut Crease

A cut crease is a makeup look where you create two shadows on your eye—a lighter one on top, and a darker one underneath. You then blend them together so they don’t look like two separate colors.

A pink and gold cut crease is one of many different variations of this technique that you can experiment with! This style will really bring out your eyes by using metallic shades, which are super in right now. Here's how to do it:

  • Start off by applying primer all over the lid up to your brow bone area.

  • Use an angled eyeliner brush (or your finger if it feels more comfortable for you) to apply a light champagne gold shade into the inner corner of each eye, stopping at about 1/3 of the way from the center lash line up towards where your eyebrow ends - this color should be subtle but noticeable enough for people looking closely enough at your face.

Brown Smokey Eye

Choose one of the following shades:

  • Matte brown (or a matte grey-brown) eye shadow. This should be the darkest shade in your palette and will provide the base for your smokey eye.

  • Dark brown eyeshadow can be used as a transition color from your lid to crease or even as an eyeliner pencil substitute on its own under or over your black or dark brown eyeshadow. You may also choose to add some shimmery gold sparkles with this color, depending on how much glitter you want to wear that day!

  • Medium brown eyeshadow will go on in the crease right above where you applied your dark brown, helping add dimension and interest to any look!

Sunset Gradient Liner

  • To do a sunset gradient on the lower lash line, start by applying a matte black liner as close to your lash line as possible. Then apply a dark brown shade on top of that and blend it into the black. Finally, take a bright orange-red cream liner and blend that over everything. This will create an intense sunset look that’s perfect for summer nights!

  • To do a sunset gradient on the upper lashline, apply two layers of cream shadow in two shades: one light orange-red and one deep burgundy-brown (or vice versa). Blend them together to create this gorgeous gradient effect!

  • To do a sunset gradient on the crease/inner corner area of your eye, just place three different shades of coral pink along your crease in order from lightest to darkest—this will give you an elegant rose gold look that pops off against deeper warm tones or darker cool tones alike!

Glitter Eyeliner

  • Use a glitter liner. This one might seem obvious, but it's worth noting that if you're going for this look it's important to choose the right eyeshadow color. If your glitter liner is the same color as your eye shadow, it will be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins since they'll both blend in seamlessly with each other. However, if you use a different color than your eye shadow (or if you opt for no eyeshadow at all), then this effect can be striking!

  • Pick up some eyelash glue before applying any makeup so that when it comes time to apply your false lashes or strip lashes—which should definitely be applied before any other makeup—you're ready to go!

Silver & Blue Glitter Eye

  • Start with a base of powder eyeshadow in a shade that's as close to your skin tone as possible.

  • Apply silver and blue glitter using glitter glue all over the lid, up to the brow bone, then stop at the crease (that is where you want the color to change).

  • Use an eyeliner pencil or gel, but make sure it's waterproof so that it won't smudge and ruin your look! A line underneath your lower lashes so that they stand out even more than usual when you open your eyes wide.

  • Add some highlighter on top of your cheeks—the same shade as what was used in step 2 would be ideal here too!

Subtle Green Glamour Eye

You'll need a green base shadow, a light green shadow, a shimmery green shadow, and gold sparkles.

  • Apply the base color all over the lid and crease. Apply the lightest shade all over the lid in an even layer.

  • Using a fluffy brush or your finger (if it's not too messy), apply shimmery copper-gold eyeshadow to the inner corner of your lids to give this look some subtle dimension. Then take one more additional step by applying gold sparkles on top of your liner with a damp brush!


We hope you’ve enjoyed these gorgeous glam eye makeup ideas! These unique looks are bound to help you stand out and make a statement, wherever your day takes you. The best part is they're easy to recreate at home with a few simple products. Whether you’re headed to the office, out on the town with friends, or just hanging around at home – any of these looks will take your eye makeup to the next level. Which one will be your go-to?

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