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6 Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Many people think that the eyes are the doorway to the soul; thus, we like to select the ideal look to complement it. Eye makeup that is bold and gorgeous may elevate a basic and elegant appearance by accentuating our greatest features with colors and techniques that are matched to your personal style and complexion. Here are some makeup tips for making your eyes pop:

1. Use concealer to brighten your under-eye area.

Dark circles can make your eyes look smaller by creating the effect of darkness around them. Applying concealer beneath your eyes can help balance out the skin tone across your face while also highlighting your eye area. Dab some concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes using concealer. This will assist to brighten those regions, giving your eyes a more lifted and alert appearance.

2. Curl your lashes.

Curling your lashes will undoubtedly do the trick for highlighting and lifting your natural eye shape. Curling your lashes will help them fan out, giving you a more awake appearance. Simply clamp down gently, taking care not to nick any skin. Get the eyelash curler as near to the root of your lashes as possible, then pinch a few times.

A simple smoky eye can make your eyes truly stand out. You can go full disco diva with some glitter liner and artificial lashes. Use a deeper color in your crease and lighter as you get closer to your brow bone to make your eyes appear more lifted. To define your edges and give that additional sparkle, apply accent color. Then, in your crease and outer "V," mix up to disperse the shades. Last but not least, define your lash line.

4. Choose a mascara that lifts and volumizes your lashes.

Mascara not only enhances your makeup but also gives your eyes a unique appearance. Perfectly coated lashes form a framing around the eyes, making them appear larger and more appealing. Our lashes are darkened, lengthened, thickened, and curled with a good mascara. All of this adds together to make our makeup really expressive and engaging.

5. Highlight the inner corner of your eye.

Inner corner highlighting gives you a more awake appearance and makes your eyes appear larger. For emphasizing the eye region, a face highlighter is appropriate. Dab your pinky into the powder highlighter and push it into the inner corners of the eyes to effectively highlight the inner corners of the eyelids using your powder highlighter. Bring the highlighter closer to the sides of the nose to make your eyes appear larger.

6. Apply winged eyeliner.

Winged liner is a typical eyeliner method that is applied to the upper lash line of the eyes. It is stretched past the outer corner of the eye, gently curved into a sharp flick or wing, unlike ordinary eyeliner. To do this, start with the middle of your top lash line, stretch it outside, and then upward toward your eyebrow with black eyeliner. Then, curve another line downward and over your lash line until they intersect to form a winged tip.

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