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How to Nail that Ultimate Glow for your Skin: The Simplest Effective Skin Care Routine

Glowing skin takes more than just using the right makeup every day. Rather, it goes beyond a good skincare routine and using the correct products that will help you achieve that hydrated, plump, and glowing skin inside and out.

While it pays off to start a skincare as early as possible, you can still choose to establish a skincare routine and follow it religiously. Here is the most recommended routine that will naturally enhance your glow.

Cleanse twice a day

Some misconceptions about good facial cleansers will make your skin dry and tight after washing. While it is true that the basic purpose of a cleanser is to wash your skin and make it clean, it should not be as harmful as to make your face tight and dry.

Reading the labels and choosing a cleanser that gives you the right formula to hydrate and plump your skin is a must. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Moisturise twice a day

Looking for a moisturiser that will basically give you a glass dewy skin must also be on your checklist. The glossy finish that looks very natural is your goal here, so make sure to take advantage of good moisturisers like these:

Use a toner

Using the right toner for your specific type of skin is important. Choose a toner that removes all the dirt, oil, and makeup while making sure that it won’t dry your skin out. A correct toner for your skin has a nourishing, and soothing effect which will keep you away from dry skin, acne, redness, and premature signs of ageing.

Apply and re-apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to our daily routine. Even when it is rainy or cloudy outside, you must still apply sunscreen on your face, and other skin that can be exposed to UV rays.

Here are some sunscreens that will keep your skin protected and radiant

Exfoliate once a week

Ages ago, facial exfoliation seems to be a painful delicate procedure. However, we have the latest technologies that do not result in painful exfoliation. These exfoliators will give you softer, glowing skin.

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